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How To Protect Your Feet From Workplace Injuries

Date: 14-08-2020

 When working in large-scale or heavy grade industries, it becomes almost essential that you have all protective gear in place. Speaking of which, safety boots are the most important personal protective equipment for any professional working in such industries. So we at Amare Safety have put together some crucial information that will help you pick the right kind of protective shoes. From different styles to materials, we have got it all covered, so be sure to check this out before you buy a new pair.


What exactly are safety boots?  

Safety boots are sturdy, durable footwear with a layer of a reinforced sole that helps protect the foot against safety hazards like debris and grease in harsh working conditions and provide optimal protection. Usually worn by professionals working in and around construction sites or industrial and manufacturing setup, safety boots come in different styles and colors. They often contain steel or other composite materials to give them extra strength. 


Types of safety boots

Safety boots have extensively different purposes across a range of industries and working environments. Hence they are categorized based on a bunch of distinct elements such as sole type, industry type, etc. Let’s take a look at them separately. 


Steel Cap Boots: These boots are the most popular safety shoes of all. The toe cap right at the tip of the boots is made of protective steel layering. These are designed to protect your foot against heavy metal injuries.

              Oliver 34662 Steel Cap Zip Sided Ankle Boot                      John Bull 6506 Pyhton Steel Cap Lace Up Safety Boot                      Blundstone 991 Steel Cap Lace Up Boot   


Composite Toe Boots: These shoes are even lighter as they do not contain any metal. Being non-metallic boots, these can be worn for long hours. Hence are perfect for jobs where you have to stand for several hours.

              Oliver 45632 Composite Toe Cap Lace Up Safety Boot                       Oliver 45645Z Composite Toe Cap Lace Up Safety Boot                     Blundstone 884 Composite Toe Cap Safety Boot


Based on the sole, safety boots can be categorised as follows.

Rubber Outsole: As the name suggests, these boots have an outsole made of rubber that provides grip and insulation, making them a perfect option for electrical and chemical industries.

TPU Outsole: TPU stands for Thermo Poly Urethane and is considered an excellent outsole material. It has tremendous resistance against spills, chemicals, and abrasions. These shoes are sturdy, light, and long-lasting. 

Midsole: With an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) layer at the bottom, midsole boots provide structural stability to the foot by distributing equal weight throughout the bottom. It’s designed for workers who spend most of their working hours standing or walking.


There you have it, all the essential information you should know about safety boots.


So whether you’re looking to purchase a new pair or replacing the existing one, don’t forget to check out our collection online at Amare Safety - better brands at better prices.