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3 Reasons Why Safety Workwear Is Important For Any Industry Worker

Date: 01-09-2020

A lot is said and discussed about the importance of appropriate workwear, yet, we see several professionals and organisations that miserably fail in acknowledging the need for such gear. In most cases, the employers either reject the idea of chipping in with high-grade safety wear for their workers or will instead settle for cheaper and low-grade alternatives. 

This sheer ignorance of employee safety can cost heavily in the future, especially when there are lawsuits involved for not ensuring proper workplace safety. With that being said, in this blog, we will briefly discuss the most important reasons as to why professionals need to have the right safety gear and workwear.


  • To protect from foot and head injuries

There are plenty of manufacturing units and industries that are installed in wet areas. For people employed in such difficult places, there is a high risk of slipping, tripping, and falling. Moreover, at construction sites, the number of hazards are even higher- primarily posed by loose debris and falling materials, and heavy construction equipment

In some cases, accidents at the workplace have not only led to physical injuries but have also resulted in death or paralysis. Such cases expose the intensity of harsh working conditions at certain workplaces and speak volumes about how important it is to have the right safety and protective gear such as boots and helmets.


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  • To avoid contact with dangerous substances and chemicals

While there are plenty of hazards involved in the industrial work environment, chemicals undoubtedly are the most dangerous posing deadly risks to almost everyone within the premises. Let’s say if one’s skin comes in contact with a poisonous chemical, in such a case, they will not only have difficulty in the form of irritations, but it can even pose some permanent and serious respiratory danger. 

Substances like acids can lead to blindness and serious vision impairment even if as small as one drop is splashed into one’s eyes. A difficult environment such as this demands proper eye, hands, and face safety equipment such as gloves and masks and also Prevor chemical burn solutions which act as a first-aid in case of an incident. 


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  • For regulatory compliance

Now, most importantly, the appropriate work clothes are not only critical to workplace safety but also must comply with the employee safety laws issued by the governing authorities. In New Zealand, the government has very specifically recommended the right and different clothing in construction and industrial work along with a few other areas where the safety of the workers must not be compromised at any cost. If the organisation or the manager fails to adhere to these guidelines, there is a no-tolerance provision to impose heavy fines right away. 

Due to the strictness of regulatory authorities, especially in the current situation, the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) increases significantly. Therefore, you must have the right place to buy such protective equipment. 

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