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Flame Resistant vs Flame Retardant: What's the Difference?

Date: 13-10-2020

The terms flame resistant and flame retardant are often used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? Well, you might be shocked to discover that they have different meanings.

With that said, if you're interested in learning the contrast between flame resistant vs flame retardant, take a look at the information below.

What Is Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame resistant fabrics are created from non-flammable materials. The substances inside of the fabric consist of flame resistant chemical structures. Clothing that's made with these kinds of materials help to stop the spread of fire.

In addition to that, it doesn't melt when it's close to flames and heat.

It's important to note that the majority of flame resistant clothing isn't made with 100% flammable resistant materials. Therefore, they will burn, but only at a slow pace and they'll usually extinguish themselves.

What Is Flame Retardant Clothing?

Fabrics that are flame retardant are chemically treated to self-extinguish or burn slowly whenever it comes into contact with an open flame. 

Flame retardant clothing can be made with any type of material. However, the fabric must include the special chemicals that make it flame retardant

Flame Resistant Vs Flame Retardant: What's the Difference?

The primary difference between flame resistant and flame retardant clothing is the construction of each material. Each one goes through a different process. The special chemicals that are added to the clothing are the only thing that makes it flame retardant.

The same goes for flame resistant clothes. If it's not made with non-flammable materials, it's not fire resistant.

Flame resistant fabrics consist of materials that are inherently resistant to catching on fire. The primary purpose is to prevent a fire from burning the individual. The same goes for flame retardant clothing.

The Importance of Flame Retardant Clothing

You can't predict what's going to happen one moment to the next—especially if you work in a hazardous environment. Therefore, wearing clothes that can add an additional layer of protection is essential.

Flame retardant outerwear keeps you as safe as possible. It significantly reduces the risk of burn injury. Basically, wearing the right gear ensures that you are prepared for anything.

Not only that, but wearing flame resistant and flame retardant clothing keeps businesses in line with regulations. Many employers must make their employees dress in the proper attire for hazardous workplace conditions.

Flame Retardant Material and Clothing to Protect You

Hopefully, this information about the difference between flame resistant vs flame retardant helps you. If you're a worker who works in a hazardous environment or a small business looking to protect your employees from fire, Amare Safety can help.

We have a large inventory of flame retardant clothing that provides workers with an extra layer of protection.

If you have questions about our products, feel free to send us an enquiry online. We look forward to connecting with you soon.