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How Prevor Chemical Burn Solution Can Provide First Aid In Chemical Incidents.

Date: 18-10-2018

Prevor Chemical Burn Solution 

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What is it?

Diphoterine solution is an emergency rinsing solution for splashes of chemical products. Its rapid use in case of contact between the skin or eye and a chemical product is intended to quickly eliminate the residual chemical product on the skin or in the eye. This makes it possible to limit the extent of the burns and lesions caused. Diphoterine facilitates secondary treatment of the burn injuries by restricting the extent and severity of the lesions. The knowledge acquired during Prevor’s research work on the mechanisms of the lesions caused by chemical products on soft tissues have allowed us to develop this technological solution for emergency rinsing of chemical splashes.

Prevention and implementation of first-aid solutions are essential in all situations involving a risk of human skin or eye contact with a chemical product. In case of an incident, Diphoterine® solution allows performance of emergency decontamination. Historically, emergency rinsing with water represented an initial element of crucial progress in decontaminating chemical splashes. Use of water as a first-aid solution has its limits however. Owing to its physical and chemical properties, Diphoterine® solution allows rinsing to be performed more effectively than with water in case of splashing of chemical product.

Diphoterine solution is versatile

Its physical and chemical properties make it effective against a wide range of classes of chemical product (acids, alkalis, oxidising agents, reducing agents, alkylating or chelating agents and solvents). A list of applicable chemicals is available.

Diphoterine® solution will limit penetration of the chemical product inside the tissue.

The chemical products quickly penetrate into the skin or the eye, creating deep-lying lesions. Diphoterine solution is a hypertonic solution: it has an osmotic pressure greater than that of the skin and the eye. This makes it possible to limit penetration of the chemical product inside the tissues.

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  • Date: 08-02-2019
    Titus Steenhuisen

    can you send list of chemicals listed for diphoterine Price of product for small quantity
  • Date: 23-12-2018
    Gregg Caldwell Oceanagold

    I have use this product in OZ and i am trying to get it brought into our site as a safety innovation Regards Gregg
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