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Top Four Safety Essentials for Construction Sites

Date: 01-08-2020

Top Four Safety Essentials for Construction Sites


Good infrastructure & new builds are a good indicator of the development in a region. The speed and accuracy of these projects heavily depends on the efficiency of the construction sites for these developments. The efficiency of these sites can be severely impacted if the workers' safety is compromised. Without the tradesmen and other workers on site, the projects would be halted. They are the backbone of the development.


Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that they feel safe in the environment where they spend most of their days and for that, you need the proper safety equipment. Although there are a lot of safety items available and each one is equally important, we have listed the must-have tools that every construction site manager should provide to their workers to ensure their safety.

Take a look:


Safety Glasses

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and they need to be protected. There are several jobs on construction sites such as grinding, cutting, welding etc. that can prove to be very dangerous for the eyes if not they are not protected. This automatically places safety glasses at the top of our list for anyone working on construction sites. One of our top picks currently are the Rush Plus Glasses – With a new Platinum Coating, a high performance anti-fog + anti-scratch coating system.


Ear Muffs

Often there is a high level of noise on construction sites due to heavy machineries, and this can be extremely harmful to human ears, especially over prolonged periods. The unwanted high-volume sounds can also make it difficult for employees to focus on their work, which is an added danger given the skill required to handle a lot of the machinery on site. It is advised to use ear muffs to avoid noise, to help with concentration on the job & also to help maintain the construction workers well-being. Our top pick at the moment for ear muffs are the Honeywell RWS-53017 - They even have Bluetooth capability and 16+ hours of battery life.



Safety boots are equally as important as the other safety gear mentioned in this list, however it is common to be aware of their necessity. As there are several processes such as grinding, cutting, etc. that take place, the surfaces at construction sites get covered with objects which can be fatal for the workers if they walk over them. Also, there are chances of people tripping and falling due to the objects left behind. Therefore, having protective footgear is critical for people to avoid fatal injuries. A great option is the Oliver 55345Z boots a lightweight, but durable safety boot.



Hands are often the first body part that comes in contact with any construction machinery or onsite tools. As the many operations and processes at construction sites may require handling things such as acids, wires, electrical equipment, etc., the hands need to be adequately covered and protected. Gloves are the best solution/protective item and therefore should be a must for every person working on site. One of our best options is the Ansell Hyflex Glove, best-in-class cut protection and increased comfort and dexterity.


Apart from the equipment mentioned above, there are a plethora of others such as helmets, aprons, sanitizers etc. needed for complete safety at construction sites. The best course of action is to have all the safety equipment available for use while on the job.


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