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Oliver Safety Boots: A Safety Boot You Can Count On

Date: 04-03-2021

Looking to protect your feet?

When working in harsh work environments, having safety boots is a must. It helps prevent workplace injuries without compromising comfort. Even when you’re not at work, stylish safety boots make you feel more confident.

Excited to get a new pair? Why not consider buying Oliver Safety Boots? Read on and learn the best Oliver Safety Boots today.

1. Oliver 49445Z Women’s Black Zip Side Boot

Oliver 49445Z women's safety boots uses nubuck leather. It’s water-resistant and has steel toes to absorb impact even when heavy objects fall on your feet. Its design is specific to adhere to female feet.

It’s hard to lose balance with this pair since it has a lightweight sole. It uses HEELguard and slip-resistant, anti-static soles to stabilise you. To ensure the best comfort, its steel cap has a wider profile.

Also, the sole of this Oliver boot resists corrosion from minerals, organic oils, and acid. It’s also sturdy enough to withstand cutting, splitting, heating, and cracking. If you want to keep your feet feeling fresh, its specialized lining absorbs moisture and odour.

2. Oliver 55320 Kevlar Safety Slip-On Boots

Do you want something more heavy-duty? The Oliver 55320's full-grain leather material makes it resistant to all terrains and water. It’s elastic-sided with a toe bumper, protecting your foot from scuffing.

This pair of boots has a wide-profile steel-toe cap to ensure both comfort and safety. It has an impact absorption system that protects your heel, ball of the foot, and toes from impact. It stabilizes your movement, making rough terrain easier to move in.

The durability of this boot’s outsole is impeccable. It uses a hardwearing rubber outsole with anti-static properties. It resists up to 300 degrees of heated surface contact.

Like other Oliver safety boots men would wear, the Oliver 55320 resists mineral, organic oil, and acid corrosion. It also has a deep tread profile, helping it withstand the roughest of terrain.

3. Oliver 55332Z Kevlar Wheat Boot With Side Zip

This steel-toe safety boot is water-resistant because of its nubuck leather material. It’s fit for all terrains since it’s resistant to slipping and heat. Its toe bumper protects your feet from scuffing.

This Oliver boot ensures comfort because of the latex toe cap liner. It also absorbs moisture and odour to help you avoid getting common foot fungal infections. Its footbed has a gently-raised surface that reduces foot fatigue.

The best part is that the 55332Z is its quick-release side zipper. It’s a perfect balance between protection and convenience. You need not spend more time removing your shoes before enjoying your evening at home.

4. Oliver 55346 Lace-Up Metatarsal Boot

This water-resistant, full-grain leather boot comes with standard Oliver boots features. It comes with a flexible, internal metatarsal guard. It ensures stability while giving more protection against blunt impact.

Oliver 55346 also comes with penetration protection insoles. It’s non-metallic, making it comfortable enough to wear for hours. With its moisture and odour absorption features, you won’t have to worry about smelly feet after work.

The PU/Rubber dual-density soles of these boots make them heat-resistant. It’s also anti-static and can endure electrical hazards. As always, it can stand up against corrosion from minerals, organic oils, and acids.

5. Oliver 34660 Lace-Up Boots

Oliver 34660 lace up side-zip ankle boot offers durability along with its water-resistant materials. It has an impact absorption system that ensures your feet’s safety. Despite this feature, the boots remain lightweight, with a full lining of Odorban, which is an eco-friendly odour absorber for your feet.

Its midsole absorbs shock alongside its steel-toe cap. For your comfort, it has a wider profile coupled with a GRIPthane tread pattern. It gives better traction on slippery surfaces.

The Oliver 34660 also resists heat up to 130 degrees Celsius.

What to Look for in Safety Boots

When looking for various safety essentials for construction sites, you must consider various factors. It’s the same for your safety boots. Use these to know whether you’re getting the right pair. 

1. Reviews

A good way to start your search is to look for feedbacks. It’s not difficult to find reviews for Oliver safety boots in NZ and other brands online. Searching for various reviews helps determine your options and weigh them.

Using other people’s insights and experiences makes your choice easier. This way, you can eliminate the ones with bad reviews. Ask your friends and colleagues if they have safety boot recommendations.

2. Design and Materials

Even now, leather is one of the most popular materials for safety boots. It can get expensive, but its level of protection and lifespan make it worth your while. Other popular materials are rubber and plastic.

Aesthetics is important when considering your preferred boots. It’s often about choosing the right colour. Most safety boots have minimalistic appearances since most focus more on functionality.

3. Comfort and Ventilation

Lots of factors determine whether steel-toe boots are comfortable. The size and material often influence your comfort levels. If you pick ill-fitting boots, your discomfort makes you less productive at work.

Most people overlook ventilation despite its significance. If you have a well-ventilated boot, you achieve a higher comfort level. Ensure that the material and design give proper circulation while keeping your feet dry.

4. Durability

As a consumer, nothing is more irritating than a safety boot breaking within a few months. If you’re looking for boots, they must be durable enough. They must withstand prolonged periods of use.

Like comfort, durability often depends on the design and materials used. It’s better to invest in well-known brands like Oliver if you want greater assurance. Be careful of fakes and only get them from reputable distributors.

Get Oliver Safety Boots Today!

With these Oliver Safety Boots, you’ll have options regardless of your preferences. Remember the factors to consider before committing to your preferred pair.

Are you looking for recommendations for safety and workwear? Check our contact details and get in touch with us today!

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